PURET skin cream

Beautiful, thful and fresh-looking skin requires daily care. If take good care of skin, it will thank and will avoid the appearance of some serious conditions. skin will be softer, supple and radiantly beautiful.

Absorbs in seconds

Spread on the lotion and rub it in for soft, supple skin. The fast absorbing formula dives into the skin with a few quick rubs so can put clothes directly on, not worrying about stains.

Multi-layer moisture

This continuous spray moisturizer, contains an effective multi-layer moisture complex, treating the skin in depth and leaving it soft, smooth and deeply hydrated, without the grease.

Healing, renewing formula

With its special formula of naturally derived products it heals the skin from the inside out, helping the skin renew itself naturally and get rid of skin imperfections such as skin tags and warts.

Repair and revive skin

PURET cream is an active treatment cream that will help quickly and naturally get rid of those skin imperfections that seem impossible to remove. With it's natural, yet strong ingredients it works against even the most stubborn skin tags.



Warts and skin tags are growths that appear on the skin due to different reasons. There are over 100 types of reasons. They can affect just one part or they can easily appear or spread to other areas under certain circumstances.
can have them on the back of fingers, toes, and knees.
can find some on the sole of the foot or on the palms. They are small and uneven.
Flat ones may be seen on the face, legs, and other parts, often in large numbers.